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Bits of Violet CoverViolet van der Haal – graphic designer, brand strategist, fashionista and overall IT girl – has sworn off men and erected an icy fortress around her heart. With an amazing apartment, kick-ass best friends, and dedicated protection in the form of bouncers from her favorite watering hole, who needs line-dropping, lying scumbags?

Not Violet.  Except if anything is guaranteed in life, it’s change. When her best friend and partner in crime decides to move across the country, Violet’s choices will take her in one of two directions: remaining in her ace apartment with a new pesky roommate who has a hot, but irritating brother, or striking out on her own in a cupboard-size studio with a sexy friend who has suddenly become her constant companion?

Do two separate paths lead to different endings? Or has Fate determined Violet’s happily ever after no matter which path she chooses?

Follow Violet’s journey as both stories unfold in alternating chapters.  Is it possible to have more than one happily ever after?

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Circumstance & Destiny is a story (two stories, really) about how one choice can change a woman’s life. It is a love triangle that unfolds in two dimensions; an exploration of time, place and destiny.

Abigail Williams is a bright, ambitious young woman just graduating from college. She has been accepted to law school and is looking forward to a career in International Law. Abigail has also been accepted to a one-year internship program in Madrid and she must decide –defer Law School for a year, or put that internship idea on a back burner until she has law school under her belt.

As we see Abigail’s stories unfold–the one where she pursues law school immediately, and the one where she does not –Abigail will inevitably find love. But will time and place close the door on certain romantic possibilities? Is love a matter of Circumstance or Destiny?