M. Tsuki

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M. Tsuki wrote the first Dōjini novel — a romance that takes place in two dimensions “at the same time” (Dōjini is Japanese for “at the same time”). It took over two years to write while holding down her day job but it was so much fun that she wrote another one during National Novel Writing Month in November, 2016.

M. Tsuki watched her first soap opera while in the womb. She yearns for books and entertainment that are reminiscent of Jack & Jennifer, Luke & Laura, Cruz & Eden, Bo & Hope (the list could go on…) and is always trying to find (or write) stories that reflect that excruciating sense of “will they or won’t they?”, “when will they?”, “Oh no, they didn’t!”, “Oh yes, they did!”, over and over again. You get the idea…