Mood Swings

Up and down. It has felt like a rollercoaster this week. And I hate rollercoasters. My head spins and my stomach flips and if I don’t puke, I wish I could for hours afterwards. A ride operator stopped a ride at a children’s amusement park for me once because he said I looked too green.  It was a kiddie ride!  Nothing has materially changed this week, except the speed and extremes of my mood swings. My own personal unamusement park.

Monday, I had a great interview with Company A. Tuesday, Company B notified me I would not be moving on to the next round. Wednesday, I was contacted by a recruiter for Company C. Thursday, Company C didn’t turn out to be a good fit. Friday, Company A contacted me to schedule a next interview. Throughout this I was attending webinars, reconnecting with colleagues, talking to Private Equity firms and recruiters. Can you see why it feels like I had a bad rollercoaster hangover?

Let’s not forget coronavirus and the rampant racism and protesting in the United States. Is it disingenuous to write about joy and mindfulness at times like these? Are those who point out the simple joy around them missing the point? Lest anyone think I live in a bubble, I recognize and am sensitive to the fact that there are terrible things happening. But I choose not to write about them. There are others who write more eloquently, more intelligently, and with more heart than I could. Please check out A Cup of Jo and Journal of You – great blogs by great writers acknowledging our current unfortunate events with grace and humility.

While I struggled with “the new normal”, I found plenty of silver linings – and time to enjoy them. 

  • There is this lovely June 2020 calendar – -I glance at it thousands of times a day and am in awe of its beauty every time. Thank you, Paper Source.
  • There was a trip to Krispy Kreme to celebrate National Donut Day and a scrumptious half dozen donuts – 3 free!
  • I justified lying on the couch on my porch listening to country music so I could find just the right song for this week’s Moonie & Lynnie podcast (more about that in coming weeks!). 
  • We continued rewatching 30 Rock with the boys and my infatuation with Alec Baldwin/Jack Donaghy (I’m not sure which!) grew.

All in all, I can’t complain. And that’s what this is about. When I sit and really let the words come to me, think about what brought joy and serenity, I am filled with gratitude. 

I feel the change

‘Goin on all around me

It’s strange

How I’m taken and guided

Where I end up right where I’m needed to be

Quiet Your Mind

Soak it all in

It’s a game you can’t win

Enjoy the ride

Zac Brown Band, Quiet Your Mind

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