The List Ladies On College Admissions

The List Ladies are back to provide their unsolicited advice on a topic they are only semi-qualified to discuss. We’re moms and we’ve been through the hell that is college admissions a couple of times. If you have a child in high school and you haven’t started thinking about the college admissions process, do not fret. We’ve got you covered.

  1. Get an SAT or ACT tutor if you can– your child will benefit from this extra edge
  2. College Counselors – at school or private- can help you find the right fit for your child
  3. Keep your kid’s shit to yourself – everyone be quiet! It’s none of their business, or yours
  4. Geography matters – you are competing against your peers
  5. Look for money – it’s out there!
  6. GPAs – ugh
  7. Start your essays early! Summer between Junior and Senior Year – do it. Get it done! 
  8. Major – why do you have to know your major? Moon wholeheartedly disagrees, but it’s the reality. Pick the right major to get in – this is where college counselors could help. You want to be strategic. 
  9. It’s REALLY about fit. Find your Fit. We cannot say it enough. 
  10. There is no one pathway– everyone has a pathway, you will find yours. Do not worry. 

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