The List Ladies Talk Endless Stuff for College Move-In

This week, this List Lady needs to begin with an apology.  My comments regarding Thanksgiving break, professors, and kids asking for or needing days off was profoundly unkind. I was glib with my implications regarding the mental health issues our children and the younger generation face. Professors should be softer, kids should ask for what they need because the current moment and their experiences are not mine; they are not something I can fully understand because it is not 1985, and I have not lived as they have. I was a total piece of shit. I will do better, remember kindness, and recognize when I’m not funny, just an asshole. I hope anyone who listened forgives me. ❤️ Lynn

The never ending, unsolicited hits keep coming as the List Ladies discuss your kids, 18 years older than our last episode on unneeded baby shit. If said baby is headed to college, here are the do’s and don’ts of the endless stuff that birthing children brings to your doorstep when you move into a tiny room on campus. Quoting a notebook you can buy on Amazon for $7.99, “A wise woman once said \\\ FUCK THIS SHIT/// and she lived happily ever after.”

You Do NOT Need:

  • A Trash Can -It’s Provided
  • A Tool Kit-only for move-in day
  • Duct Tape – for what?
  • Filtered Water Pitchers – there are filtered water stations to fill your water bottles
  • A LOOFAH – WTF?!
  • White Wipe Board for your dorm room door – old school!
  • A printer – they have on campus

You Do Need:

  • A Credit Card for your college age student
  • Power of Attorney
  • IKEA Bags
  • Personal Property Insurance for belongings in the dorm room
  • Health Insurance (opt-in or opt-out!)

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