In the Mood for Romance

Here’s how my mind works:

Edit. Finish this book. Keep editing.

You are going to need book reviewers.

Okay, let’s go read some book reviews. Oh….I want to read that, and that, and OMG I can’t believe I haven’t read that yet. Why haven’t I heard of this author?

I would more comfortably say I am a reader than I would profess to being a writer.

Alas, I do enjoy squeeing over books and the Internet allows that. Gone are the days of joining in-person book clubs where the books are pretentious and I didn’t show up because I hadn’t actually read it. Now, I read what I want, add gazillions of books on my Goodreads list, join author fan groups on Facebook and like zillions of #bookstagram posts. I have found my people.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 4.48.31 PMSince I have all this cool technology, I pulled up Goodreads to see what I had read this month, and it made me giggle. Apparently, I was in a certain mood. It started with Paranormal kick-ass heroines and ended with hockey hotties. Hmmm…

But that’s the joy of romance. It comes in every flavor and style and you can change your mood whenever you feel like it.

Anyone in the mood for a contemporary romance across parallel universes?

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