Book Boyfriends

I gush over book boyfriends, love when other people croon about my favorites, and become quite mystified when readers find “the other guy” more appealing (I was Team Edward all the way! Jacob? Pshaw). That is one of my primary reasons for starting Dōjini. As is common amongst many writers and entrepreneurs, I want to create products to meet my own needs. I am my own audience.

Hence, as a reader, I know who I like when I find him. But how in the world will I create such squee-worthy gentlemen?  To create my own new book boyfriends,  I must begin by understanding what is a book boyfriend and why readers become so enamored with them.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 9.50.03 AMTurning to my trusty friend, Google, there are lots of references to book boyfriends, and lists and reviews and pictures (oh my!) but no definition. So I decided to take a stab at it.

Book Boyfriend (in Romance): a fictional male character whose personal characteristics, physical, emotional and flawed, lead to heroic acts proving their unfailing devotion to a particular woman. The Book Boyfriend is typically opposed to any violence, physical or emotional, against women, has superhuman sexual stamina, and except in endearing and unusual circumstances, ensures the pleasure of his partner before enjoying his own.

While it has been done a number of times, I can’t resist the idea of making my own list. It’s a short one, compared to some I’ve seen. These are my favorites. There are zillions more sexy, heroic fictional men out there I swoon over. These guys, however, have really stuck with me. I am reminded of their allure often and can easily conjure new scenarios for these men well beyond the ending of the novel.

Let me know who you feel deserves further consideration, and if you’re a fan of these guys, please vote for your favorite book boyfriend!

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