What If….

Dōjini is all about “What If”. If you read Circumstance & Destiny — you know the “what ifs”: What if Abigail had taken that year abroad? Or what if she hadn’t? Would she have met Michael? Gotten engaged? Fallen head over heels in love with Sam?

And now, in Bits of Violet, being published as a serialized novel (with companion novellas) on wattpad, we want to know: What if Violet had moved into a studio by herself? What if she’d stayed in her loft and gotten a new roommate? Perhaps the roommate’s brother would be tall, dark, and handsome? And a complete bastard…

There is nothing we love more at Dōjini than creating “what if” stories that evoke the inherent drama of falling in love. So it should come as no surprise that we love Kane Brown’s new song, “What If”, and its fantabulous lyrics. If you haven’t heard it yet — check it out (the link here is to Amazon, for you Prime users).

Hope you enjoy — and have a great week!

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