Progress, Not Perfection

Last week I wrote about how building a team is important, not only in business, but in writing as well. This epiphany, thanks to my critique partners, led me to days of assessing my plot, multiple power point outlines, figuring out what the heck a beat sheet was, and a sleepless night or two while plot ideas streamed through my head.

Ultimately, I determined where there may be holes and potential fixes, then embarked on rewrites. Two chapters in I feel like an ass –literally plodding along at a slothful pace, my obstinacy warring with my conscience as I try to change the words I worked so hard to write in the first place.

The obstinate ass part of me keeps saying, “Perfect is the enemy of done”. And my conscience keeps reminding me, “anything worth doing is worth doing well”.

Am I aiming for “perfect” or “done”?

Ultimately, finding that balance between ‘perfect’ and ‘done’ is the real magic. You have to know when your creative baby still needs more work, and when continuing to play with it, over and over, is just another form of procrastination.

Sounds like publishing nirvana to me. I’ll let you know if I ever reach it.


  1. AS a scrapbooking consultant, one thing we stressed was “Done is better than perfect.” With any art form, there never is a PERFECT — you’ll always find something to tweak. BUT your epiphany that writing takes coming up with draft that will need multiple revisions and polishing is a sign of growth (the painful kind) that will ultimately propel you forward — even it feels like steps (or leaps) backward. Keeping going!

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