TV, White Wine and Letting Go

 What brought me joy this week? A heck of a lot of TV, a rekindled love of white wine in the summertime, and a bit of letting go. That includes my strict blog timeline. No, I was not on vacation. But I did show some self-care in the form of giving myself a break from self-imposed project productivity. I wrote only a few hundred words of fiction, thought about blogging but didn’t put pen to paper until (ahem) very, very late in the week, and did not record nor edit any podcast content. Go ahead. Call me a slacker.

In my defense, I had several positive conversations with contacts in my network, recruiters, old friends, and new ones. All in the name of Career Reinvention. It is happening, dear readers. I promise.

And while that human contact (still via phone) and authentic conversation was productive, it wasn’t what I would characterize as something small and simple that brought me joy. Which is what this blog is supposed to be about.

Here are some of the simpler things that brought me joy this week:

  • The Baker & The Beauty on Amazon Prime. I can’t understand a word of Hebrew, which forces me to stay focused on the subtitles (no multi-tasking on my phone!). May I just say, I haven’t seen two more beautiful people in a long time. It’s hard to look away.
  • I discovered a romance writer I had never read before – and finished reading Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne in less than 24 hours. Finally – I am reading again!
  • 17.21 miles logged walking around my neighborhood
  • Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio. Enough said.
  • Unseasonably cool temperatures, which meant I could wear my favorite fancy sweatpants and Athleta tunic

It’s all about the simple things….

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