Summer Essentials: A list you never knew you needed

It’s that time of year–the sun is shining, the grass is growing, and Pickleball is still the “fastest growing sport in America”. Check out the latest List Ladies Podcast.

List Ladies Summer Essentials

  1. Ugly (or Comfy?) Life Sustaining Sandals
  2. Coffee in An Outdoor Space
  3. Water Conservation (aka – don’t water your lawn in summer!)
  4. Goodr Sunglasses
  5. Pickleball & Podcasts (or better yet, this podcast about pickleball)
  6. Road Trip Playlists – here’s a link to the Schumann Road Trip Playlist 2023 on Spotify
  7. World Cup — Can’t wait for World Cup 2026!

You can also download the episode.

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